Living legends at SOAS

Guess who/what was featured in yesterday on Birmingham’s nightly news segment? Neha’s mist chambers, Patrick’s CIMS, Nathan’s chambers, our neighbor Margie, an exclusive interview with Dr. Carlton, and much more!!! Here are a few links from the CBS interviews at the open house yesterday at CTR for your viewing pleasure: 1) 2)

Weekly Updates 5/26-6/02

June 1st, 2013 marked the beginning of  SOAS . Here is a snapshot of the sunset at the Look Rock super site to mark the beginning of the field campaign. I guess even nature is excited about the official start of SOAS! Research groups have settled into their trailers/towers/tents/sheds and started to take measurements of air […]

SOAS open house!

Come one, come all to the SOAS open house in Brent, AL on Wednesday, June 19, 2013.  See flyer below for more details. Hope to see you all there! Address: 104 Wooley Rd, off State Road 25 in Brent, AL

Weekly Updates 5/19-5/25

The official start date of SOAS is quickly approaching and more and more people are starting to pack and make their way to the SEARCH site. Here is a summary of some interesting updates that happened this past week: 1.Instrument installation on NOAA’s P3 was completed, and test flights have been scheduled for this current […]

The Duchess of SOAS

Paul Shepson’s Duchess aircraft will come to Alabama to participate in SOAS. This image comes from the table of contents art in Kerri Pratt’s new Atmospheric Environment article! The paper, titled “Organosulfates in cloud water above the Ozarks’ isoprene source region”, can be found at:


All trailers (including office trailers) have been set up, level, connected to electricity, and passed the ac test.  Internet has also been connected at the tower and main trailer sites, while the office site will receive its connection next week. All trailers have also received their set of tables and chairs (ideal for sitting on […]

Planning meeting for SOAS documentaries

This morning, Professor Ann Marie Carlton and graduate student Khoi Nguyen met with Dena Seidel, Director of the Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking, and Film Certificate students Jamie and Stephanie to go over documentary logistics for SOAS. Jamie and Stephanie will be coming to Alabama for two weeks to uncover and film exciting narratives about […]

A Portrait of the Tower as a Young Platform

Okay, this post may not be a James Joyce masterpiece, but these exclusive photos of the birth of the SOAS flux tower sure make up for it.  Thanks to Dennis Stripling, mayor of the the city of Brent, Alabama, we were able to get first row access to pictures of the installment of the tower. […]

SOAS updates!

The SOAS campaign is only about one month away!  We received word this morning that the Safway tower parts have been delivered to the SEARCH site in Alabama and construction is underway.  And so far, all 9 measurement trailers have been delivered to the SEARCH-CTR site.  Three of those (#s 6, 9, 10) are leveled, set […]

Tower pad

The tower pad is in at the SOAS site in Brent, AL!