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Flux tower

A flux tower will be situated near the study site to study in-canopy emissions, chemistry, and bi-directional surface exchange. Featured here is a picture of one of the towers considered for the study. Imagine what a climb it will be up these stairs! I imagine SOAS investigators will be very fit by the end of […]

Why Alabama?

Ever wondered why the SOAS organizers picked the study site?  Definitely a legitimate question – why are we going to Alabama?  First, the SEARCH network consists of a series of monitoring locations situated in urban and rural areas throughout the southeastern US.  Near Brent, AL is a site that is not only located in a heavily […]

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to see it, does it make a sound?”

In this picture, Dr. Ann Marie Carlton from Rutgers University is scouting out the SEARCH site location.  Notice that the site features both pines and a young understory.  Many of the SOAS investigators will be studying properties of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) released from these plants.  Isoprene (C5H8), for example, is a common example […]

Local residents

In this photo, the forest service is warning SOAS investigators not to antagonize the local residents.

Kelvin Helmholtz waves

Check out this neat photo of Kelvin Helmholtz waves taken by Dr. Ann Marie Carlton in Brent, AL. Kelvin-Helmholtz waves are caused by atmospheric instability and differences between densities in the air layers.   Click here to learn more about them!

January Site Visit

Last week, several organizers of the SOAS field campaign met in Brent, AL to visit the SEARCH site and discuss the logistics of the summer field study.   The field campaign doesn’t start until the end of May, but don’t fear, because readers of this blog are rewarded with exclusive sneak peeks into the study.  Scroll […]