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Lou Diamond Phillips Supports SOAS!

During the SOAS Science Coordination Meeting last Wednesday, there was a celebrity guest star appearance by none other than actor Lou Diamond Phillips.  Phillips happened to be at the same restaurant that SOAS organizers were at for dinner, and it wasn’t too long until the actor and our SOAS organizers became cozy friends.  Check out […]

Live from DC

Can’t you just feel the buzz of thoughts and activity in this room? This photo was taken by Dr. Carlton, who is at the SOAS Science Coordination Meeting that is taking place right now in D.C.

Google Hangout

Google Hangout is one of the cyberspace mediums that SOAS investigators are using to organize logistics and spread ideas and knowledge.   A few minutes ago, Dr. Ann Marie Carlton and graduate student Khoi Nguyen (both from Rutgers University) had a google hangout session with Dr. Markus Petters and graduate student Sarah Suda (both from N.C. […]

Science Coordination Meeting in DC

Did you know that there are only 86 days left until the official start of SOAS?  But it’s not just all fun and games until then.  Planning a field study requires a lot of organization and collaboration!  To facilitate this process, SOAS investigators have been organizing a Science Coordination Meeting.  This meeting will take place […]