A Portrait of the Tower as a Young Platform

Okay, this post may not be a James Joyce masterpiece, but these exclusive photos of the birth of the SOAS flux tower sure make up for it.  Thanks to Dennis Stripling, mayor of the the city of Brent, Alabama, we were able to get first row access to pictures of the installment of the tower.  This flux tower will be used to house instruments that will research in-canopy emissions, chemistry, and bi-directional surface exchange.  The tower is at 65 ft right now, and the lower platform will be installed next week.  Two tower trailers (#s 11 and 12) will also be positioned and wired up tomorrow. Enjoy!

2013-04-30 (1)

Tower parts


Base of tower being installed

Tower 2013-05-02_1201

Lookin’ good

Tower 2013-05-02_1317

Whoever has instruments on this tower will definitely be exercising this summer

Tower 2013-05-02_1316

In other news, all spiders are wired up and all connected HVAC systems work properly.

Tower 2013-05-02_1157