Living legends at SOAS

Guess who/what was featured in yesterday on Birmingham’s nightly news segment? Neha’s mist chambers, Patrick’s CIMS, Nathan’s chambers, our neighbor Margie, an exclusive interview with Dr. Carlton, and much more!!! Here are a few links from the CBS interviews at the open house yesterday at CTR for your viewing pleasure: 1) 2)

The Duchess of SOAS

Paul Shepson’s Duchess aircraft will come to Alabama to participate in SOAS. This image comes from the table of contents art in Kerri Pratt’s new Atmospheric Environment article! The paper, titled “Organosulfates in cloud water above the Ozarks’ isoprene source region”, can be found at:


The Southeast Atmosphere Study – the umbrella for SOAS, SENEX, NOMADSS – already has 129 Twitter followers! Be sure to follow @SAS_Operations if you are on Twitter to keep up with all of the exciting updates…They’ll be live tweeting from the C130!

NCAR flux tower grows

This is the flux tower (now at 150 ft!) in a mixed forest adjacent to the Alabama Aquatic Biodiversity Center (AABC). NCAR worked hard to get the tower put up in advance of deciduous tree leaf out. As you can see, we just made it. NCAR technicians say they could hear the leaves popping out. […]

Before and After

Joost de Gouw recently showed us this photo. It comes from a recent Colorado State University press release and shows the difference in visibility in Great Smoky Mountain NP over the last 15 years. One of the SOAS ground sites will be in GSMNP at Look Rock. It looks like previous studies in the SE […]

New facebook page!

Can’t get enough of SOAS updates? Well no worries, you’re in luck because a new facebook page has been created. Please visit to like the page and support our field study!

Lou Diamond Phillips Supports SOAS!

During the SOAS Science Coordination Meeting last Wednesday, there was a celebrity guest star appearance by none other than actor Lou Diamond Phillips.  Phillips happened to be at the same restaurant that SOAS organizers were at for dinner, and it wasn’t too long until the actor and our SOAS organizers became cozy friends.  Check out […]