January Site Visit

Last week, several organizers of the SOAS field campaign met in Brent, AL to visit the SEARCH site and discuss the logistics of the summer field study.   The field campaign doesn’t start until the end of May, but don’t fear, because readers of this blog are rewarded with exclusive sneak peeks into the study.  Scroll down for some pictures of the site, courtesy of Dr. Doug Day, who works with Dr. Jose-Luis Jimenez from the University of Colorado-Boulder, and remember to follow the blog to keep updated on SOAS news, site development, and interesting science factoids!

Upon landing in AL, you can see how the region is dominated by a lot of biogenic matter.  For example, check out this cool aerial view of the region taken by Dr. Day.  You can see from the picture that the vegetation is primarily mixed conifer and deciduous, and the breaks in the green coverage depict  the different areas of farming and development in the region.

Typical terrain in region: mixed conifer/deciduous/farming/development (img: Day)

The field organizers landed in Birmingham, AL then headed on south to the field site in Brent, AL.  Below is a picture that was taken during the drive.

driving through AL (img: Day)

They met at the Town Hall in Brent, AL with the mayor of the city (in the image below, he is sitting in the center back) to discuss the logistics of the field study.

(L to R, Back) Jason St.Clair (Caltech), Kurt Knudson (NCAR), Jim Moore (NCAR) (not pictured/taking photo), Doug Day (CU-Boulder), Dennis Stripling (Mayor, Brent, AL), Karsten Bauman (ARA), Eric Edgerton (ARA),; (Front) Ann Marie Carlton (Rutgers). (img: Day)

Then the organizers when on to visit the SEARCH site.  The long-term SEARCH network air-quality monitoring site is located in a rural forested area and will serve as the deployment site for the ground-based study systems.  Here’s an interesting tidbit: did you know that the site is a part of Talladega National Forest?  Yes, that’s the same Talladega from Talladaga Nights! 

A few photos from the field site visit are posted below.  For more photos, click on our Flickr photo album in the right sidebar!

Turnoff to SEARCH site @ Wooley Rd (img: Day)

ARA trailer/inlets at the SEARCH site (img: Day)

roof of ARA trailer, looking south (img: Day)

SEARCH looking ~N toward planned tower location (see flags) (img: Day)

National Weather Service building (img: Day)