CTR-051013_ 14

Picture courtesy of Karsten Baumann

All trailers (including office trailers) have been set up, level, connected to electricity, and passed the ac test.  Internet has also been connected at the tower and main trailer sites, while the office site will receive its connection next week. All trailers have also received their set of tables and chairs (ideal for sitting on after a long climb up the tower perhaps?).  In fact, if you haven’t heard it yet, Karsten Bauman says, “Feel free to move in.” How exciting!

And if you’re like me and can’t get enough of tower pictures, feast your eyes on these:

CTR-051013_ 01

Picture courtesy of Karsten Baumann

CTR-051013_ 02

Picture courtesy of Karsten Baumann

I personally can’t wait to see everything in person next week.  My, how have the days flown by.  Tune back for more!