SOAS updates!

The SOAS campaign is only about one month away!  We received word this morning that the Safway tower parts have been delivered to the SEARCH site in Alabama and construction is underway.  And so far, all 9 measurement trailers have been delivered to the SEARCH-CTR site.  Three of those (#s 6, 9, 10) are leveled, set up, and have been tied down in final position per Master Layout.  These 3 also have power both to their HVAC unit and assigned spiders.  The tower will be set up today, followed by final setup of trailers 11 and 12. Trailers 4, 5, 7 and 8 will be finalized on Wed, followed by electrical wiring.  See photos below (courtesy of Dennis Stripling) to see what it all looks like so far.


And here is a picture of the electrical spiders: