All trailers (including office trailers) have been set up, level, connected to electricity, and passed the ac test.  Internet has also been connected at the tower and main trailer sites, while the office site will receive its connection next week. All trailers have also received their set of tables and chairs (ideal for sitting on […]

A Portrait of the Tower as a Young Platform

Okay, this post may not be a James Joyce masterpiece, but these exclusive photos of the birth of the SOAS flux tower sure make up for it.  Thanks to Dennis Stripling, mayor of the the city of Brent, Alabama, we were able to get first row access to pictures of the installment of the tower. […]

SOAS updates!

The SOAS campaign is only about one month away!  We received word this morning that the Safway tower parts have been delivered to the SEARCH site in Alabama and construction is underway.  And so far, all 9 measurement trailers have been delivered to the SEARCH-CTR site.  Three of those (#s 6, 9, 10) are leveled, set […]

Flux tower

A flux tower will be situated near the study site to study in-canopy emissions, chemistry, and bi-directional surface exchange. Featured here is a picture of one of the towers considered for the study. Imagine what a climb it will be up these stairs! I imagine SOAS investigators will be very fit by the end of […]