Weekly Updates 5/19-5/25

The official start date of SOAS is quickly approaching and more and more people are starting to pack and make their way to the SEARCH site. Here is a summary of some interesting updates that happened this past week:

1.Instrument installation on NOAA’s P3 was completed, and test flights have been scheduled for this current weekend.  Wondering how much all of those NOAA instruments weigh?  7900 lbs!

In the picture below, the aircraft on the right is the P3 we’ll be using for SENEX. You can see the sampling gas inlets sticking out of the windows.

2. The SOAS badges have also arrived.  Site visitors should carry these badges for security measures and for introduction purposes (there are a lot of you coming!) after the campaign starts.  Dr. Carlton from Rutgers University happily shows off her own badge in the picture below.

3. Some groups have began to test their instruments.   In the picture below, Fulizi Xiong runs the Purdue CIMS for SOAS.

4. At the SEARCH site, Brent Williams lives up to his young gun reputation.

5. Many groups spent this week packing up their equipment for the summer field study.  The Turpin group from Rutgers University, for example, finished packing on Friday and will be starting their long drive down to Alabama today.

Hopefully, they know not to pack those sweaters.  Today will be a high of 88 degrees Fahrenheit (or 30 degrees Celsius) in Brent!  It’s going to be a beautiful day for more unpacking, fixing, and testing for those who are already here.